Professor, Scholar, Mentor, Servant Leader & Community Activist

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Dr. Toni

Professor, Scholar, Mentor, Servant Leader & Community Activist

As a scholar and Professor of Sociology and Black Studies for over 20 years, she has been recognized and received numerous awards including the Lafayette City-Parish Woman of Excellence Award for Public Service.  She has held faculty positions at Grambling State University, Western Illinois University, Georgia Perimeter College, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, University of Phoenix, 

Her areas of teaching, research and expertise include social inequality, conflict resolution and communication, team building, race and ethnicity, black studies, black women in American history, and marriage and family.

She specializes in providing reality changing seminars, workshops, events, services and resources for individuals, agencies, programs and institutions through people building, service conceptualization, mentor modeling, leadership communication development and conflict resolution.

The scholarship of research is also a foremost priority of Dr. Toni.  She has authored Dynamics of Multiculturalism: A Study of Teacher and Student Attitudes and Gaining Momentum to Publish: 8 Simple Steps to Getting Professional Publications Tips for Junior & Emerging Scholars and several recent popular print books.  She has also published and presented papers at international, national and regional conferences.  Published research projects include assessing The Impact of College Students Mentoring on High School Student SuccessCommunity Food Systems and Networks, The Black Muslim Woman in American Society and Health Issues/Disparities Among Women of Color.   

In 2007, she established Vanguard Educational Services a not for profit community outreach ministry organized for charitable, educational, religious and scientific purposes that focuses on self-improvement as the basis for community development with an emphasis on entrepreneurial, technical and vocational training.

Her membership in various community and professional organizations includes recognition in the Directory of American Scholars, Who's Who of American Scholars of the American Council of Learned Societies and Who's Who in Social Sciences Higher Education of Academic Keys for the Social Sciences.   

Dr. Toni's mission in life is "to inspire and empower people, and in particular young women and men of color, to find their purpose in life and pursue it with passion." 


Workshops & Speaking Engagements 

Dr. Toni is one of the nation's rising stars.  She has spoken before various groups addressing diverse topics. To request workshops/skills assessments, people building seminars/engagements and public appearances click here!

New Reality Topics/Themes Include:

  • Youth Engagement & College Prep 
  •  In-Service for Teens (topics vary)
  • Conflict Resolution & Communication
  • Leadership Engagement & Team Building
  • Couples Coaching (Marriage & the Family)
  • Professional Development & Scholarship
  • Meditation & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certified

Academic Enrichment & Community Development Multimedia Web Based Links

Success Bound http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6_AZBIW9RE, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv6nDlXb5jo

Community Food Networks 


State of Louisiana Community AIDS Partnership http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbIHgavWTro

Academic & Professional Affiliations 

(past and present)

  • American Sociological Association (ASA)
  • Association of Black Sociologist (ABS)
  • National Council for Black Studies (NCBS)
  • Southern Sociological Society (SSS)
  • Mid-South Sociological Association (MSSA)
  • American Association of University Women (AAUW)
  • National Association of African and African American Studies (NAAAAS)
  • National Council on Family Relations (NCFR)
  • Louisiana Council on Human Relations (LCHR)
  • Pi Gamma Mu Social Sciences Honor Society